Poland Poznan international agricultural machinery and Technology Exhibition


Exhibition area: 50000 square meters

Exhibitors: 350 exhibitors

Audience size: 45000


Along the way

1, agricultural machinery: drag, harvest all kinds of micro tillage rotary transplanting, farm machinery, field operating machinery, plant protection machinery, internal combustion engines, generators, irrigation and water-saving irrigation equipment etc.;

2, animal husbandry machinery: grassland construction machinery, machinery and bundled green feed machinery, feed (grass) processing machinery and equipment, construction and monitoring equipment, dairy products processing machinery etc.;

3, the value of insurance products: pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides, acaricide, organic matter, gardening machinery, gardening supplies, lawn maintenance equipment etc.;

4, agricultural greenhouse facilities: all kinds of mechanical equipment, construction materials, greenhouse automation, irrigation and drainage system, water pump etc.;

5, crop transport equipment: pickup trucks, light trucks, buses, agricultural agricultural vehicles, tractors, trailers and other deformation;

6, agricultural and sideline products processing machinery, seed processing equipment, grain and oil processing equipment and cotton processing machinery, livestock and poultry slaughtering and processing machinery, transport machinery and other storage fresh-keeping agent;

7, forestry machinery, fishery products: Seedlings and flowers, biomass energy, new energy, biogas construction and utilization etc.;

8, livestock: seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and poultry products, eggs, dairy products, additives and preservatives.