Characteristics of production equipment for baling belt


Enhanced packing belt unit features: the strength of extrusion, supporting auxiliary machine, cooling water tank, lengthened oven, traction unit, double roll embossing configuration unit, split type automatic temperature control electrical cabinet, suitable for all levels of recycled plastic particles, the production of sandwich belt and not with sandwich. YZJZS-96 type is used for direct production of manual packing belt; YZJZB-96 type can be directly processed by hand, machine, dyeing, printing bag packing belt, a complete; YZJZQ-96 type can be used directly processed into hand, machine, printing core packing belt, ultra wide, ultra-thin, ultra narrow, transparent, staining, packing belt. It is the most cost-effective, highly competitive and most popular investment in small and medium markets. 

This series of equipment has the following characteristics: 

1It can produce all kinds of hand belts, machine belts and export belts. On the basis of energy saving, double chain drive is adopted to reduce the instability of the chain. Ensure the width of finished equipment.

2, with the production of packaging belt, in a number of well-known enterprises bidding, such as GREE, Fuling mustard, Zong Shen, Lifan and other enterprises.

3, reduce the number of operators, from each original production line of 3 people, reduced to 1-2 people per shift.

4Strong plasticization, stable molding and high yield.

5, reduce the area, the length of equipment from the original 21 meters reduced to 12 meters